Common Sprinkler System Problems

Keeping your lawn looking healthy may seem easy with the installation of a sprinkler system. With your irrigation system, you are able to keep your lawn looking bright and lush without much effort.

sprinkler system repair service AustinThough the use of sprinkler system is as convenient, there will be times when your irrigation equipment needs some maintenance or repairs.

No matter how much you try to keep your sprinklers working perfectly, there will still be instances when they are not working properly. When you encounter sprinkler system problems or irrigation system troubles, you should call an expert instead of trying to do the repair by yourself.  Attempting a sprinkler system repair can seem simple and turn into a complex project that could actually make your situation worse.

Some of the most common sprinkler system problems are:

1. Malfunctioning Timing System. Your sprinkler system works as activated by the timer. This mechanism is responsible for turning your irrigation system on or off. A malfunctioning timer would mean sporadic sprinkling, which could result to drastic damage on your lawn as well as wasted water. Too much water is just as damaging to your lawn as none at all.

2. Broken Spray Head. A broken spray head may have many causes, but the most common spray head issue is caused by a clog. The extent of this spray head clog may not be easily identifiable; but with the assistance of sprinkler experts, a clog is just a small job. It is also important to note that unclogging sprinkler heads may require technical skills and expertise that only sprinkler system experts can handle; and doing the repair on your own may even cause further damage to your irrigation system.  In some cases, sprinkler head parts need to be replaced.

3. Overactive Irrigation System. An overactive irrigation system is one that just won’t shut off. With a sprinkler system that just will not stop on its own, you can expect a lot of trouble on your lawn – and with your utility bills too. This kind of sprinkler problem requires immediate action, and with an overactive irrigation system, you should shut off the system and consult an expert to repair it as soon possible.

4. Leaks. Leaks on your sprinkler should not be taken lightly; excess watering on your lawn may damage it dramatically, and much worse, a leaking irrigation system also means a lot of wasted water. The source and reason of leaks may not be easily ascertained and it can take time to diagnose the proper repair approach.  The irrigation system should be inspected thoroughly for broken parts, pipe issues, and other functionality issues.

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